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Friedland JC, Lakins JN, Kazanietz MG, Chernoff J, Boettiger D, Weaver VM
Expression of Concern: α6β4 integrin activates Rac-dependent p21-activated kinase 1 to drive NF-κB-dependent resistance to apoptosis in 3D mammary acini.
Journal of cell science, 2023-10-15.
Pedram K, Shon DJ, Tender GS, Mantuano NR, Northey JJ, Metcalf KJ, Wisnovsky SP, Riley NM, Forcina GC, Malaker SA, Kuo A, George BM, Miller CL, Casey KM, Vilches-Moure JG, Ferracane MJ, Weaver VM, Läubli H, Bertozzi CR
Design of a mucin-selective protease for targeted degradation of cancer-associated mucins.
Nature biotechnology, 2023-08-03.
Tharp K, Park S, Timblin G, Richards A, Twells N, Riley N, Peltan E, Shon J, Stevenson E, Tsui K, Palomba F, Lefebvre A, Soens R, Ayad N, Hoeve-Scott JT, Healy K, Digman M, Dillin A, Bertozzi C, Swaney D, Mahal L, Cantor J, Paszek M, Weaver VM, Twells N
The microenvironment dictates glycocalyx construction and immune surveillance.
Research square, 2023-08-16.
Ayad NME, Lakins JN, Ghagre A, Ehrlicher AJ, Weaver VM
Tissue tension permits β-catenin phosphorylation to drive mesoderm specification in human embryonic stem cells.
bioRxiv : the preprint server for biology, 2023-07-15.
Chan TS, Hsu CC, Pai VC, Liao WY, Huang SS, Tan KT, Yen CJ, Hsu SC, Chen WY, Shan YS, Li CR, Lee MT, Jiang KY, Chu JM, Lien GS, Weaver VM, Tsai KK
Correction: Metronomic chemotherapy prevents therapy-induced stromal activation and induction of tumor-initiating cells.
The Journal of experimental medicine, 2023-06-20.
Stashko C, Hayward MK, Northey JJ, Pearson N, Ironside AJ, Lakins JN, Oria R, Goyette MA, Mayo L, Russnes HG, Hwang ES, Kutys ML, Polyak K, Weaver VM
A convolutional neural network STIFMap reveals associations between stromal stiffness and EMT in breast cancer.
Nature communications, 2023-06-15.
Kersten K, You R, Liang S, Tharp KM, Pollack J, Weaver VM, Krummel MF, Headley MB
Uptake of tumor-derived microparticles induces metabolic reprogramming of macrophages in the early metastatic lung.
Cell reports, 2023-05-30.
Miroshnikova YA, Mouw JK, Barnes JM, Pickup MW, Lakins JN, Kim Y, Lobo K, Persson AI, Reis GF, McKnight TR, Holland EC, Phillips JJ, Weaver VM
Author Correction: Tissue mechanics promote IDH1-dependent HIF1a-tenascin C feedback to regulate glioblastoma aggression.
Nature cell biology, 2023-04-04.
Salvador F, Martin A, L?pez-Men?ndez C, Moreno-Bueno G, Santos V, V?zquez-Naharro A, Santamar?a PG, Morales S, Dubus PR, Muinelo-Romay L, L?pez-L?pez R, Tung JC, Weaver VM, Portillo F, Cano A
Correction: Lysyl Oxidase-like Protein LOXL2 Promotes Lung Metastasis of Breast Cancer.
Cancer research, 2023-03-15.
Wu B, Liu DA, Guan L, Myint PK, Chin L, Dang H, Xu Y, Ren J, Li T, Yu Z, Jabban S, Mills GB, Nukpezah J, Chen YH, Furth EE, Gimotty PA, Wells RG, Weaver VM, Radhakrishnan R, Wang XW, Guo W
Stiff matrix induces exosome secretion to promote tumour growth.
Nature cell biology, 2023-02-16.
Northey JJ, Weaver VM
Extracellular Matrix Glycation and Crosslinking in Mammary Tumor Progression.
Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.), 2023-01-01.
Gaietta G, Kai F, Swift MF, Weaver VM, Volkmann N, Hanein D
Novel cryo-tomography workflow reveals nanometer-scale responses of epithelial cells to matrix stiffness and dimensionality.
Molecular biology of the cell, 2022-10-26.
Cabral KA, Srivastava V, Graham AJ, Coyle MC, Stashko C, Weaver V, Gartner Z
Programming the Self-Organization of Endothelial Cells into Perfusable Microvasculature.
Tissue engineering. Part A, 2022-10-01.
Bell ES, Shah P, Zuela-Sopilniak N, Kim D, Varlet AA, Morival JLP, McGregor AL, Isermann P, Davidson PM, Elacqua JJ, Lakins JN, Vahdat L, Weaver VM, Smolka MB, Span PN, Lammerding J
Low lamin A levels enhance confined cell migration and metastatic capacity in breast cancer.
Oncogene, 2022-07-27.
Kai F, Ou G, Tourdot RW, Stashko C, Gaietta G, Swift MF, Volkmann N, Long AF, Han Y, Huang HH, Northey JJ, Leidal AM, Viasnoff V, Bryant DM, Guo W, Wiita AP, Guo M, Dumont S, Hanein D, Radhakrishnan R, Weaver VM
ECM dimensionality tunes actin tension to modulate endoplasmic reticulum function and spheroid phenotypes of mammary epithelial cells.
The EMBO journal, 2022-07-25.
Northey JJ, Weaver VM
Mechanosensitive steroid hormone signaling and cell fate.
Endocrinology, 2022-06-09.
Tsai KK, Huang SS, Northey JJ, Liao WY, Hsu CC, Cheng LH, Werner ME, Chuu CP, Chatterjee C, Lakins JN, Weaver VM
Screening of organoids derived from patients with breast cancer implicates the repressor NCOR2 in cytotoxic stress response and antitumor immunity.
Nature cancer, 2022-05-26.
Metcalf KJ, Hayward MK, Berens E, Ironside AJ, Stashko C, Hwang ES, Weaver VM
Immunosuppressive glycoproteins associate with breast tumor fibrosis and aggression.
Matrix biology plus, 2022-03-09.
Samson S, Northey JJ, Acerbi I, Goga A, Flink CL, Weaver VM, LaBarge MA
NCI's publication affiliation conundrum: Reframing innovation to incentivize an equitable path for advocate representation.
Translational oncology, 2021-12-30.
Weaver VM
Mechanobiology: forcing the second act.
Molecular biology of the cell, 2021-08-19.
EPH/EPHRIN regulates cellular organization by actomyosin contractility effects on cell contacts.
The Journal of cell biology, 2021-06-07.
Hayward MK, Muncie JM, Weaver VM
Tissue mechanics in stem cell fate, development, and cancer.
Developmental cell, 2021-06-03.
Rudnick JA, Monkkonen T, Mar FA, Barnes JM, Starobinets H, Goldsmith J, Roy S, Bustamante Eguiguren S, Weaver VM, Debnath J
Autophagy in stromal fibroblasts promotes tumor desmoplasia and mammary tumorigenesis.
Genes & development, 2021-06-24.
Matrix compliance permits NF-?B activation to drive therapy resistance in breast cancer.
The Journal of experimental medicine, 2021-05-03.
Tharp KM, Higuchi-Sanabria R, Timblin GA, Ford B, Garzon-Coral C, Schneider C, Muncie JM, Stashko C, Daniele JR, Moore AS, Frankino PA, Homentcovschi S, Manoli SS, Shao H, Richards AL, Chen KH, Hoeve JT, Ku GM, Hellerstein M, Nomura DK, Saijo K, Gestwicki J, Dunn AR, Krogan NJ, Swaney DL, Dillin A, Weaver VM
Adhesion-mediated mechanosignaling forces mitohormesis.
Cell metabolism, 2021-05-17.
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